We Have Updated Our Logo!

Blue Labels Boutique is a top ecommerce store that ships womens clothing and accessories all over the world.

We are a fairly new store and we thought our logo should be a bit more like out lifetyle…modern, unique, and speaks for itself without having to day a word.

One of our main goals are to encourage women to be as fearless as possible at all times.  Fear is the main thing that holds us back from living the life that we want to live.  Fear of failure, fear of embarassment, fear of not being thought of as “fashion forward”.  With all of this fear going on, how can we live the life we WANT to live? Whether it’s wearing something the no one else would wear or climbing a mountain in heels (not that we would recommend it).  No matter what it is, we want you to be fearless in every aspect of life.  Our tagline is Live In Fashion, Not Fear.

Take a peek at our updated logo, go to our website, http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com, let us know what you think.  Stay fearless!


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