Here’s How To Dress On Your First Date

what to wear on a first date

Dating is one of those things that you either love or hate.  It’s easy to love when a guy is taking you out, you’re having a good time and it’s all on his dime.  Heck yea…that’s easy to love!  The hate part comes in when you consider what it’s like to have a convo with someone that you don’t know, the nervousness of not knowing what he thinks about you, the worries of having that “awkward moment”.  Yep,  there’s lot to despise about it.  Add all that up, throw in the fact that it’s your first date, and that may leave you with a case of the hives, or your finger on your phone about to press send to the text that says, can’t make it, can we reschedule?  Before you break out the ointment or send that text…stay calm.  Yes, this date could eventually lead to you marrying the man of your dreams and living a fabulous life forevermore but don’t think that far ahead.  He might not even want to ask you out on a second date if you break one of the cardinal first date rules!  Yes, there are lot’s of “First Date Rules” out there but we are talking about your style.  The outfit you choose could lead you down the aisle or filling out a massive survey on  Which do you prefer?  If you’re goal is to look and feel fabulous while you get to know this stranger than you are in the right place!  Here’s how to dress on a first date!

                 If you’re first date is taking you to the movies or on a date during the day.  Wear a dress that is flirty and shows some leg.  The height in the heels will make your legs look fabulous and the dainty jewelry makes it perfect for a daytime date.

womens striped high low dress

Shop the look Campfire DressLayered Necklace, & Knuckle Rings, shoes –

 If you first date takes you out to a evening date of dinner and dancing, wear a sexy dress that shows what you’re working with but also leaves lots to the imagination.

sexy black dress

Shop the Look Sexy Streeter DressNatural Stone Bold RingWavy Hoop Earrings, Guiseppe Zanotti-pinterest

If your first date involves a daytime activity like miniature golf, a batting cage, amusement park then you need to dress for the occasion.  Comfy shoes, a comfy slim fitting cotton tee, and show off those legs in a pair of denim cutoffs.

Shop the look Fringe Benefits TopInfinity Ring, Converse/Hat Pinterest, vintage denim shorts

If your first date is taking you out on a evening activity date like a NBA game, or for games at Dave and Busters then wear something like this!  The peplum top creates an hourglass shape.  Pair with sexy heels and a great fitting pair of jeans and you got yourself a sexy outfit that is perfect for the occasion.

Shop the look Running Circles TopEar CuffNail Polish, shoes/jeans – Pinterest

Now get ready, get set, and go out there and have a great time!

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