Top 8 Fashion & Style Inspired Tumblr Blogs To Follow

The definition of inspiration is something as inspired by an idea, a thing or person that inspires, a divine influence directly and immediately exerted into the mind or soul.  Inspiration can come from anything, it may be something you saw on a person walking into the mall or the way the colors mix as melting ice cream goes down a waffle cone.  There’s no telling what will spark your imagination to incorporate a certain look or dare to rock a bold color simply by a lil’ something that sparked your interest.  We have been inspired by Tumblr blogs like cray but there’s a few that really stick out.  Get your finger ready to click the “follow” button because how are the Top 10 Fashion/Style related blogs to follow on Tumblr!

  • Expertsinawkward
  • Bio – “Food. Fashion. Fandom”
  • Why We ❤️ It – Wide mix of fun, inspiring fashion and style.
  • BlackFashion 
  • Bio – “A collection of images rarely seen in the media. A platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion éclat.”
  • Why We ❤️ It – They provide a presence for people of color.  You will find a mix of inspiring street style and high end fashion looks!
  • LatestFashionInspiration 
  • Bio – “Fashion Inspiration is a blog where you can get inspired daily by so much more than just a picture. Sometimes you wonder what an outfit will look like from a different perspective. A picture can tell more than a thousand words. We’re focusing on both men and women when it comes to style and fashion inspiration.”
  • Why We ❤️ It –  Their provide fashion and style inspirations from different perspectives from hot selfies, to sexy bed pics, pretty bad girl looks and more.
  • Niki’s Groove
  • Bio – “Illustrator-Creative Black woman who love fashion, Arts, Travel…”
  • Why We ❤️ It – Cartoons drawn by an extremely talented illustrator.  The realistic pics pop of the screen and are simply amazing…you will be inspired for sure!
  • FlyFashionDoll
  • Bio – “We breathe fashion our main objective is to provide you with fly fashion daily featuring some of the hottest dolls and gents. To be featured on IG please tag us #flyfashiondoll Follow us on instagram/twitter also @flyfashiondoll”
  • Why We ❤️ It – Fashion inspired by bloggers, celebs, and everyday women.  All of whom are working it!
  • PowderDoom
  • Bio – “We’re a makeup blog whose goal is to encourage you to be you – unapologetically and excessively.”
  • Why We ❤️ It – You will find bold and beautiful makeup inspiration.
  • TheCoolHour
  • Bio – DISC●VER – F▲SHION
  • For the Independent & the Lovers. For the Artists. For the Fearless. For the Wild & The Free.
  • Why We ❤️ It – Its a boho chic dream!  Get inspired by the cool, laid back, boho chic style!
  • TheDailyPozitive
  • Bio – “My name is Dale Partridge. I’m on a mission to fight anxiety and depression with the awareness of positive messages. You can join the 250,000 monthly readers on my blog at”
  • Why We ❤️ It – Positive quotes and good information on a daily basis.  Be inspired to stay positive!

Happy Tumblr Scanning….prepare to be inspired!  What’s your favorite Tumblr page to follow?

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