Fearless Woman: Episode 18

Happy #FWF!  This weeks’ Fearless Woman has been on quite a journey!
Tiffany McCoy is a Texas resident who took matters into her own hands years ago when she decided to go on a life changing fitness journey!  She is now a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  She not only shared her story in Oxygen Magazine but she recently wrote a book, detailing her entire journey! It is now #1 Best Sellier on Kindle Short Reads.  She loves inspiring and helping people with and feels that it is now part of her life mission!   Check out her story and prepare to be inspired:
Her book, 100lbs Later: How I Lost Over 100lbs in 8 Months and How You Can Too!, is available on Amazon and Kindle.  Follow Tiffanys journey and get tips worth using on her website, www.100lbslater.com.  Tell us what you think of Tiffanys’ fearless journey and share your tips/questions?

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