Fearless Woman Friday: Episode 7

Fearless Woman Episode 7: Blue Labels Boutique

This weeks’s fearless woman will knock you off your feet!  At nine, she started her first business selling products that were in demand to her peers.

Even though her business education has not been honed in prestigious places of learning, her skills have been developed at the coal face.

These lessons of life have seen her take a glimmer of an idea and turn it into a money making enterprise.

Her first real business was created around a dining table in Sydney’s North Shore. Every Friday, she would sit with her partner’s family – educated and successful people, listening and learning. These lessons gave birth to Porcelain Rose, a fashion design business that created the very first Jeans bag (which was featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art). She was only 21 years old at the time.

Fast forward 15 years…she is the brain child of the highly successful Babywedge and Love Lockets.

She is also a giver. Through her marketing company, The White Box, she has helped other entrepreneurs realised their business dreams.


Hayley personifies the true meaning of ‘serial entrepreneur.’  An action taker, innovator and creator, Hayley is always on the lookout for the next ‘big’ thing.

Hayley- Birtles Outside of store Blue Labels Boutique

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