Style Lush #GFB: Meet and Greet


Last month, we shared with you a Guest Fashion Post that I did for Style Lush TV.   See the How To Be Stylish At Your Next Job Interview here. They held a meet n’ greet for all #GFBs last week at a place called Tacos and Tequila Restaurant.  We met up to meet, greet, share stories, drink, and eat.  It was also a pleasure to meet everyone and see hows they speak in terms of fashion.  It’s the best language!  Here are a few pictures from the event.

                                              Chips and dried sweet potatoes


                                     A beautiful wall mural – what story do you get from it?


                             Interviews were held by the host of Style Lush Tv, Burgundy Woods.



                                           A group pic of all of the #GFBs!


 Good times!

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