A Day In The Candy Cut Dress

For many, Memorial Day is when they start their official countdown to Summer!  Less than one month to go and most of us will be sitting poolside, sipping a low calorie alcoholic beverage and dancing to our favorite Summer anthem.   What else does Summer mean to you?  For me, it’s BBQs and cute dresses, sunny days and no stresses!  And my all time favorite…road trips!  During warmer temps, my bae and I are constantly on the road from city to city.  Just to get away for the day, a week, whatever time permits.  Seeing the world by car is a great way to learn about new things, see stuff up close and personal, create great memories with your partner, you get to interact with different people and really see how they live…I love it!  Before the road trip starts I always go through a short check list:  snacks? drinks? riding music? and a fab ‘fit?  All of these are required before I can hit the road.  The fab outfit might be the most important item on that list because there’s nothing cute about hopping out of the car for a photo and looking like you have been riding in a car for 8 hours with no shower.  Ever heard of fake it ’til you make it?  Well, this is the perfect time to put that idea into play!  This year, I decided to plan ahead by test driving some pieces from Blue Labels Boutique to see if it can stand the road trip life!   So I grabbed the Candy Cut Dress to see how it would do on a day trip to Austin…leggoo!!!!

The bright pink, black, and white colors left me needing little to no make-up.  I styled it with simple stud earrings (every girl must have), classic leather watch, my everyday necklace, and gladiator sandals.

candy cut women's dress blue labels boutique

Finally made it to Austin and

this dress was not only comfy but not one wrinkle to be found!

I took the Candy Cut Dress through the trenches and not a stain on her!

(located:United Way Of Greater Austin/my butter half was taking the pic ❤️)

The Candy Cut Dress and I bonded over the question…

Someone wrote, “shop at Blue Labels Boutique”, wonder who?  😉

 Dinner, drinks, and a few hours of boutique shopping and we were back on the road.

So sad to be saying goodbye to Austin (for now).

The Candy Cut Dress passed the road trip test!  From sitting for long periods in the car, combated the Austin terrain, gave me a lil’ room after I filled up on Jamaican food and has proven itself to be a great pick to keep you looking fly, no matter what the occasion!

Need to dress up?  Just add heels and a bold lipstick.  Oh yes, this mini dress is ready for the road!  Get your Candy Cut Dress here.  Share a road trip fashion tip in the comments.

Stay Fearless 💋

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