Photo Shoot Outtakes

Photo shoots can be so fun!  Playing dress up, putting on makeup, and someone following you with a camera…sounds pretty great, right?  But most of the time, you only get to see what they want you to see.  We recently had an impromptu photo shoot to take advantage of the warm day we were having in the middle of Winter.  Here are some funny outtakes that didn’t make the cut!


                                    How many more pics are we going to take?!


                                                     Stop making me laugh!


                                           I’m bout to pull my hair out!


                          Stop making me laugh!  No, you stop making me laugh!


                            At least we’re looking at the camera this time!


                                           Pistol Packing Fashionistas?!


                                                 Hold on, I’m not ready yet!


                                                            Boob check!


               I’m ready!  Hold on, did I step in dog shit?!

                    Shop the looks: Glam Top/Tribal Girl Skirt/Lite Bright Top/Head Honcho Leggings

         Good times…

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