Fearless Woman: Episode 20

Happy #FWF!  Hope you’re having a Fearless Friday!  From near suicide to confidence coach, this bestselling author is really living the fearless life.

Kathryn Orford Fearless Woman - Blue Labels Boutique

Kathryn is an exceptionally gifted speaker who easily captures her audience with her natural positive, inspiring energy. I found her talk very motivational, whilst being down to earth.  Kathryn creates a wonderful atmosphere. And her use of story telling, music, passion and humour will touch your soul.
-Marc Pop, Entrepreneur
I have had only two sessions with Kathryn and I have to say it changed my life.  My outcome for the sessions was to equip myself with techniques and strategies to change my way of thinking, and empower me to be in “peak mental condition” for my auditions.  Kathryn was absolutely amazing in showing me exactly where I had gone off track in the past.   Kathryn used clear and simple methods to allow me to see my goals clearly.  Thank you so very much Kathryn.  I’m forever grateful!!!

– Judit Lorincz, Opera Singer

Check out Kathyrn Orfords’s Fearless Story in Episode 20 and leave comments to tell us what you think!

Wanna keep up with Kathryn?  Here’s how:

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