Tips On How To Style & Profile On Your Next Roadtrip

We took our annual road trip!  Each year I take a road trip for Blue Labels Boutique.  I shop for new merchandise, see how people are rocking it in other states, and take some time to just sit back and enjoy myself.  This years’ road trip took us through four states and back.  It was oh so much fun!  Hopefully, you got a chance to checkout our Instagram to catch a glimpse on how things were going.  But if you didn’t, have no fear, that’s why I’m here.  Along the way, I shared tips on how you can style and profile like the diva you are.  Whether you are driving or sitting on the passenger side, who wants to look a hot mess when it’s time to stop by the rest area for a potty break and snacks?  Styling on the road is just as easy as styling in your closet.  There’s nothing to it but to do it!  From Texas to New Orleans, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and back!  Check out easy tips you could use to make your next road trip stylish…dahling!


Heading out for a night on Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

Road Trip Style Tip – Pack red or bold lipstick.  It dresses up any lookIMG_3312 Sitting high in Alabama.

Road Trip Style Tip – Pack accessories that go with everything, like a straw fedora and wedges!


Heading to the beach in Florida.

Road Trip Style Tip – pack more than one bathing suit option so you can rock the bathing sit you’re in the mood for that day.


I went with the blue two piece.  You can’t go wrong in a solid color bikini.


The beach was amazing.


From the beautiful Florida beach to the movies.

Road Trip Style Tip – pack a pair of jeans (you will never regret it) a tank and heels that go with everything.  You can wear it to the mall or cold movies.

Now your ready for the road!  What’s your favorite thing to do on a road trip?

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