Take Your Swimsuit Confidence From 0 to 100, Real Quick!

Having unwavering confidence in yourself isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish.  Sure…it’s easy to be confident when you slide into that mini dress on date night and your baes’ mouth hits the floor, while saying, “Damn, you look sexy”.  CONFIDENCE BOOST!  Or while your out on a shopping trip with your sister and she says, “You look great with your hair like that!”.  CONFIDENCE BOOST!   These are the times when your the most confident.  You know you’re looking good.  Your bae and sis just told you so!  But is it hard to keep it up when you are in a bikini around a bunch of strangers?

Whether you’re a size 4 or 14, avid runner or couch potato, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have some sort of “swimsuit questionnaire” before hitting the beach.  Which swimsuit makes me look the smallest?  How am I gonna camouflage my problem areas?  Wearing a bathing suit is as close as you can get to being naked in public without being cited for indecent exposure.  So I get it BUT that just means you have to leave your fears at home and know how to work it!  Your confidence has to be turned up all the way to 100%.

Of course, you can be one of those that wear denim shorts and a tank to the beach.  You’ve seen them before.  They are in the pool in a full outfit and then have to figure out how they are gonna out of those shorts because they are stuck to them.  Or you can wear a muumuu over your bikini in the sweltering heat.  But what’s the point?  Can’t a girl enjoy wearing a pretty red two-piece while laying poolside and enjoying a cocktail without worrying about someone gawking like you’re dead ass wrong?  If you can’t muster up the confidence to do that then, you might as well stay at home, right?  Heck no…who cares what anyone has to say?!

Well, we asked real women and people who design swimwear for real woman and here’s what they said:



Sirens Swimwear Collective

“Find something that fits well, flatters your body & suits your personal style. Throwing a baggy T-Shirt over the top might make you feel safe but it will never make you feel confident. Get something you love and you’ll be dying for an occasion to show it off.”

 – Be kind to yourself.  Would you speak to your best friend the way you talk to your body? Would you berate her for a little cellulite, wintery skin or a few post baby stretch marks? Never. So don’t do it to yourself either. Treat your body like it belongs to somebody you love & shower her in well-deserved compliments when she puts on a new swimsuit.

“It’s not just a swimsuit…it’s an outfit.  Treat going to the beach or pool like a special occasion not a dental appointment. Wear your favourite sandals, add an amazing beach bag & sun glasses, treat yourself to that gorgeous hat you’ve been eyeing off all season. Nothing makes feel more put together then a well-planned outfit.”

“Have fun! Nothing makes you forget your insecurities faster than a good time. Enjoy the company you’re in, do crazy things with your children, be silly.”

– The Siren Swimwear Team, shop at www.sirensswimwear.au 

Keli Lenfield-swimsuitconfidence.pic1 Keli Lenfield-swimsuitconfidence.pic2

“It is so important to firstly know what body shape you connect with (not are!) and then to really love and accept your unique body shape and dress to compliment it (not flatter it!)”

“The colourshapequality and design helps me feel confident in my swimsuit.”

– Keli Lenfield, author of, Everyone is a Supermodel: Secrets For Any Career Based On My Modelling Experiences, www.kelilenfield.com

Capriosca.Swimwear-Belinda Capriosca Cancun Crossover One Piece

Belinda Morgan in Capriosca Swimwear

“Let’s face it no one enjoys shopping for a swimsuit.  When I am picking a swimsuit I try and find something that accentuates my best bits to draw attention to that area.   I am a real pear shape so I try to find a swimsuit that draws the eye to my middle such as this great crossover one piece.  I also find that I am better with a darker colour at the bottom such as black.  And my must is some fake tan before I hit the beach, the browner the better especially after winter, it definitely helps boost my body confidence when I’m browner.”

– Belinda Morgan

Capriosca.Swimwear-Laura Curvy Swimwear Panelled Watercolour One PIece

Linda Wells in Capriosca Swimwear

“It’s all about being confident and having fun on the beach, which is easier said than done.  Having great girlfriends who are confident also helps.  The style of swimsuit Laura is wearing also high lights her best feature which is her small waist line, the side panelling and side rushing draws the attention to her waistline.”

– Linda Wells

Capriosca.Swimwear-Margaret Capriosca Crossover Electric Blue

“Use a fake tan. I always feel better with a tan.”

“Stand tall to give you ultimate body length.”

           “Pack a sarong or wrap, just in case, it’s like my security blanket.”

“When you are driving to the beach pump up the music to get you in the right mood, or take headphones you will be amazed that it takes your mind off your insecurities.”

– Margaret Macpherson, shop Capriosca Swimwear at shop at www.caprioscaswimwear.au


maneater.bathingsuit.3 maneater.bathingsuit.4

Maneater Swimwear

“Appreciate your own uniqueness, your body belongs to you….so LOVE IT!
It is all about loving the skin that you are in.  Your own individuality is who you are.  Its all in your attitude.”
“Consider this…What is the part that you love most about your body…..?  Is it your booty but you aren’t happy with your tummy?  Then work with a style that it is going to flaunt your favourite asset.  Be confident within yourself.”
“Start with one thing a day that you LOVE about your body!  If you can’t find anything right now & your confidence is low….start with your nails….are they strong & healthy!”
“Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure….& build your confidence everyday with another thing about you that you LOVE!”
“Stop comparing yourself to others.  They might be over compensating flaws within themselves.  Concentrate on being you!”
– The Maneater Swimwear Team, shop at www.maneaterswimwear.com
Dawnn Karen in Peter Giscombe
unnamed-2 copy
Dawnn Karen in Feriado Nacional, photo by Alain Ngounde

Did you know there’s a synergy between this whole fashion and psychology thing?  Yep!

Dawnn Karen, founder of the Fashion Psychology™ field & the Fashion Psychology Institute™

“When my clients would like to wear a swimsuit and would like to improve their confidence I teach them the following two fashion psychological theories: Mood Enhancement occurs when one dresses to optimize’s one’s current emotional state. When one desires to alter their mood, mood enhancement would be proven beneficial. If a client is consciously choosing a particular mood this can allow one to feel a sense of self control, thus improving client’s self-confidence. For example, a client could determine that he/she would like to be an a happy mood after waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The client would them pick a bright colored bathing suit that would illicit this happy emotion. Now, Mood Illustration occurs when one dresses to embody one’s mood which perpetuates one’s current emotional state. In the essence of being true to one’s self, mood illustration would be proven beneficial. Again, if a client is consciously choosing a particular mood this can allow one to feel a sense of self control. For example, a client could identify that he/she rolled out of the bed feeling sluggish. He/she would select a particular bathing suit based on color or style that illicit a sluggish/laid back emotion. Ultimately, allowing one to identify their emotions and wearing them through their bathing suit can improve self-confidence.”

– Dawnn works with elite clientele via her consultancy.  She is accepting students applications and new additions to her client rooster.

Fashion Psychology Institute- Dawnn Karen - Blue Labels Boutique



Apply these tips the next time you’re headed for the fun in the sun and your confidence will jump from zero to 100…real quick! What tips would you add?

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