Outfits That Will Make You Want To Walk Into A Room…Backwards!

Statement making pieces is always a must for anyone wardrobe.  They are pieces that speak for you when you walk into a room without you having to a utter a word.  You know that necklace that has layers upon layers of gemstones that you wear with a simple dress.  Or maybe it’s those fur knee hight boots you wear with a mini that always seems to leave everyone asking you, “Where did you get those?”  But what about the statement that you make when you walk out of the room?!  Here are some pieces that will leave them wanting more as you make your exit.


             Hydrant Maxi Dress $65                                             It’s Me Dress $60

                     Gladiator Maxi Dress $40                                   Sexy Streeter Dress $65

          Single Tonight Jumper $65                                                Strapped Up Dress  $75

                 Turn It Around Dress $65

 So get your shop on and Google, “How do I walk into a room backwards…”.  You’re on your own with that one.

Happy Shopping!!!

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