Pop In Neon!

Neon colors are the BUSINESS right now in fashion and it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  From skirts to dresses, handbags to nail polish…the options of rocking neon colors are endless.  It just depends on where you want to put it.  Style it the wrong way and you run the risk of walking around looking like a highlighter!  And if my assumption is correct, that probably isn’t the look you are going for.  Here tips on how to pop in neon like a true fashionista!

Style Tip #1:  Avoid pairing it with black shoes because they are too heavy against neon colors.  Instead pair it with lighter colored shoes like camel.

Pretty In Pink Dress

Style Tip #2:  Pair neon colored skirts, trousers, shorts, etc with a denim top.

Paris Visit Pencil Skirt, denim top – not available

Style Tip #3:  If you are rocking the neon on your nails…keep it simple to really shine!

Matte Nail Apparel & Infinity Ring

Style Tip #4:  Pair a neon top with denim and you will pull off the look flaw-lessy!

Lite Bright Top

These styling tips will have you popping in neon in no time!  Are you a neon color wearer?  What tips would you add?

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