Fearless Woman: Episode 15

picture of annastacia wainaina - make it happen initiative

Annastacia Wainaina has been a nurse for 7 years and is undertaking her masters in child clinical psychology and counseling.  She studied her undergrad in Finland and her masters in Australia. She is very passionate about children and looking into adopting one. She is the founder of the Make It Happen Initiative. Have been a nurse for 7yrs I love travelling and am a big fan of cars and shoes.  Check out how Annastacia is living fearlessy and making it happen!


Annastacia created this non-profit organization to help create a better life for children.  How fearless is that?  Tell us what you think of this weeks’ fearless woman thoughts and the Make It Happen Iniative.

Wanna keep up with Annastacia and the Make It Happen Initiative?  Here’s how:

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